Identification of security risks within complex classified systems, and ensure adherence to HMG policy and standards.

Engage with stakeholders to ensure that risk to the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data is documented and managed appropriately and in a cost effective manner.

Supporting the testing of relevant controls on the implementation of HMG systems, platforms and infrastructure to ensure alignment with security policy.

Ability to identify and investigate technology to understand security vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them.

Understand and interact with related disciplines through committees to ensure the consistent application of policies and standards across all technology projects, systems and services.

Deep understanding of cloud deployment models and services. Review of cloud based information systems, to ensure security posture for authority is upheld.
Liaising with technical teams, to ensure readiness for cloud adoption, where applicable.

Management of authority accreditation repository, utilising ServiceNow to digitise accreditation artifacts.

Experience of IT risk assessments, risk management and accreditation
Internal compliance audits scheduled, implemented and reviewed.


3- – Established innovative Security Response team utilizing DevOps concepts to engineer cyber defenses.
– Lead the team responsible for threat disruption, surface area analysis, detection ops, and response.
– Deployed automation and orchestration systems to automate alert and triage pipeline