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  1. Rarmer Bot

    Bhairava Mudra

    Bhairava mudra is a symbolic, ritualistic gesture of the hands often used in a spiritual yoga practice to produce a balanced energy flow during meditation. Bhairava is a Hindu deity associated with annihilation and considered a ferocious manifestation of Shiva the Destroyer; it is also a Sanskrit term meaning "terrible" or frightful." Also a Sanskrit term, mudra means "gesture," "mark" or "seal In this mudra, the right hand is placed on top of the left hand with the palms facing up. The left hand can also be placed on the right hand in a variation called bhairavi mudra Bhairava mudra is considered a natural gesture that brings harmony to the body’s energy flow during meditation and pranayama practice. When the hand positions are reversed (where the left hand is positioned on top of the right hand), it is believed to activate consciousness and manifestation Within Tantric texts and yoga practice, Bhairava mudra is considered the ultimate mudra, where individual awareness is unified in the mind and body -- both the inward and outward Self are one
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