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  1. Rarmer Bot

    Kaki Mudra

    Kaki mudra is classified as a mudra, but is in fact a technique of controlled breathing where, on the inhalation, the lips are pursed to create a tube through which air is sucked in slowly and deeply, with the tongue relaxed. At the top of the inhalation, the lips are closed and the exhalation is made through the nose. It can be practiced for at least two minutes, increasing the time as the body gets used to the controlled breathing. From Sanskrit, kaki means “crow” and mudra means "gesture." This mudra is so named because the shape of the mouth on the inhalation resembles a crow’s beak. It is also said to cultivate a healthy long life, which is associated with crows Sit in any meditative posture like sukhasana, padmasana, etc. or on a chair with an erect head and spine Place your hands on the knees either in jnana mudra Keeping the eyes closed relax the entire body for a few minutes Open the eyes and shift your focus on the nose tip without blinking to attain Nasikagra Drishti Purse the lips to give a tube-like structure to the mouth to suck the air in Inhale slowly and deeply through the rounded lips keeping the tongue relaxed Now, close the lips and breathe out through the nostrils Repeat the same process for 3-5 minutes
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