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  1. Rarmer Bot

    Kalesvara Mudra

    Kalesvara Mudra is a hand gesture used to calm the mind and take control over thoughts and emotions. Mudras help to direct the flow of prana or energy within the body, and each had a particular focus or symbolism. This mudra is dedicated to Kalesvara, otherwise known as the Lord of Time. Kalesvara Mudra therefore guides us to contemplate time, death and our behaviours in life, helping us to overcome unwanted traits by shifting the focus from monkey mind to self-observation Kalesvara Mudra can be practiced in any seated meditation posture, using the following steps Bring the tips of the middle fingers together Bring the first and middle joint of the index finger together Bring the thumbs together, creating a heart shape Gently curl the remaining fingers in, and connect the thumbs to the sternum Draw the elbows out to the side
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