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  1. Rarmer Bot

    Kechari Mudra

    Kechari mudra is a yoga gesture that's designed to awaken spiritual energies in the body. To perform this mudra, the tongue is rolled back and up into the nasal cavity above the soft palate. The practitioner then breathes in, creating a snoring-like sound, followed by an exhale The name for this mudra comes from the Sanskrit kechari or khecari, meaning “transversing the ethereal regions,” and mudra, meaning “seal” or “gesture Khechari Mudra Steps & Stages One should sit in a meditative pose and fix gaze to the center space between eyes i.e. Third eye chakra Close your mouth, take a few deep breaths, and then do normal breathing (As a beginner you can keep your mouth open to be more aware of tongue movement Khechari Mudra Stage 1 – Soft Palate to Uvula To begin Khechari mudra, extend your tongue up and then roll it back to reach as far as you can. Initially, the tongue may barely reach to the hard palate. Do fake swallowing to slide tongue up to the soft palate. Do it 3-4 times until your tongue rests comfortably at the soft palate. Now try to slide your tongue further into the mouth. If you can’t do it by simple means, you can push the back of the tongue with your clean finger. Reach with your tongue at the bottom of your mouth where it touches the Uvula (a punching bag like structure in your mouth hanging over your tongue). Once you reach this far, do it 3-4 times to get your tongue comfortable up to this point Khechari Mudra Stage 2 – Passing The Uvula Now as your tongue touching the uvula, open your glottis and mouth quickly to blow a bit of air inside the throat This strong bust of air will push rolled tongue behind the uvula and your tongue will ready to enter into the nasopharynx Khechari Mudra Stage 3 – Slipping Tongue Into The Nasopharynx Once tongue makes its way behind the uvula, now its turn to find a place behind uvula from where the tongue doesn’t come to its previous position. This part will come naturally, the tongue will begin slipping but at this moment there would be a strong urge of throwing out tongue Keep breathing slowly, observe what’s happening inside your mouth. One just needs to come over this urge by observing the situation Eventually, your tongue will start slipping into nasopharynx behind the soft palate. This will take tongue to the upmost where it touches a bony structure called the pituitary gland Khechari Mudra Stage 4 – Pressing Pituitary to Secrete Nectar Up to this point, the tongue has reached beyond the top of the pharynx. You will feel an emptiness in the mouth on reaching up to this point. Tongue touching at the topmost point here is nothing but space between your third-eye, where you asked to focus on at the beginning of this practice. Physiologically, this is the seat of the ‘Pituitary gland’, the master gland of the body. When the tongue pressed against this, it gets stimulated. Some fluid will start accumulating in your mouth but saliva wouldn’t be swallowed as long as your tongue remains up. Slowly, bring your tongue down to natural position and you will found the taste of saliva accumulated inside your mouth. In the beginning, the taste of it would be bitter, is a sign of detoxification of your bodily system. But with practice, you will realize the bitter taste becomes sweet like honey, strawberry, and butter taste. It’s called ‘Amrita – the bliss of nectar‘ in Hatha Yoga Pradipik
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