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  1. How to Practice Mula Bandha To perform Moola Bandha, you need to bring your awareness to the perineum region and lift it upwards and release with respect to breaths. perineum [efn_note] Perineum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perineum [/efn_note] is located between genital organs and anus The following steps elaborating how you can practice Moola Bandha Steps Firstly, sit in a yoga asana. The best and most preferred asana is Siddhasana because in this asana you can press the heel against the pelvic region or the Mooldhara region You can still do it in Vajrasana, Sukhasana, Guptasana or Girkhasana. The first thing you have to do is to get comfortable with the yoga asana you are sitting in Now take a couple of deep breaths, to relax. When you are relaxed, go for the next step Stage 1 Contract your perineal/vaginal region towards the spine with inhalation, and release it with exhalation Meanwhile, lift the entire pelvic floor up and release Do it slowly and smoothly. Repeat it as long as you can Stage 2 In this stage, you have to focus on your perineum muscles and separate them from the rest of the muscles in the pelvic region Now, contract only perineum muscles slowly and hold them for a few seconds and then release them slowly. This is the Mooldhara Region Breathe naturally, you can perform it as long as you desire Remember, in this stage, you have to contract just perineum region, instead of the whole perineum region. Stage 3 This is the final stage of Moola Bandha. In this stage, inhale deeply and hold the breath. Meanwhile, contract the perineal muscles slowly and hold it tightly for a while Hold this contraction as long as you can hold the breath comfortably and release the contraction with your breath Then take a couple of normal breaths and relax Now, repeat this process as much as you can The main thing is the contraction of your perineum muscles. The contraction might feel like the condition when you have to pee very bad, but you are holding it. In conditions like holding urine or forcing yourself to urinate, you use these muscles In the beginning, you can try this for a while, but after some practice, you can increase the time gradually
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