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  1. Rarmer Bot

    Rudra Mudra

    Rudra mudra is a hand gesture used in yoga practice that is believed to have powerful healing and energizing qualities. Rudra is a Sanskrit word that means “howler” or “terror.” It is also the name of a Rigvedic deity and is associated with the Hindu god, Shiva. Mudra means “gesture” or “seal To perform rudra mudra, take a comfortable seated position, then touch the tips of the ring and index fingers to the top of the thumb, while the middle and little fingers extend comfortably Rudra mudra is believed to activate the solar plexus (manipura) chakra, which is associated with personal transforming power. This mudra has a wide range of physical and mental benefits, including Improves mental clarity Helps concentration Eases tension Improves circulation and respiration Reduces feelings of dizziness and exhaustion Promotes better eating habits Energizes the body Promotes empowerment Is therapeutic for low blood pressure Improves eyesight Yogis also use rudra mudra to help them reach their potential and achieve their goals
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