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Karnapidasana is the name of an inversion asana that requires flexibility and balance. The name comes from the Sanskrit karna, meaning “ear,” pida, meaning “pressure,” and asana, meaning “pose” or “posture.” This asana is also sometimes called raja halasana (king plow pose) because it is a more advanced version of halasana

To enter this pose, begin by lying on the back. The legs are raised overhead and then behind the head. The bent knees touch the ears

The common English name for karnapidasana is knee-to-ear pose, although it is also sometimes called ear pressure pose

In addition to its physical benefits, karnapidasana calms the mind, controls negative thoughts, and reduces stress and fatigue

Traditionally, karnapidasana is believed to activate the visuddha, manipura and svadisthana chakras. Stimulating these chakras through the pose is believed to have the following benefits

  • Visuddha purifies not only the body, but the psyche and mind
  • Manipura controls vitality and the balance of energy
  • Svadisthana fosters inner acceptance and promote focus and productivit


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