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Jalandhar Bandha (Throat Lock )

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Jalandhara bandha is one of the energetic locks used in a Hatha yoga practice. The name comes from the Sanskrit, jal meaning "throat," dharan, meaning "stream," and bandha, meaning "lock." It is performed by extending the neck while lifting the heart, then dropping the chin to the chest. The tongue presses into the roof of the mouth

As well as toning the muscles of the neck, jalandhara bandha is thought to have a powerful effect on the flow of prana in the subtle body. It is believed to control the stream of energy through the nerves and energy channels of the neck

An alternate translation of jalandhara bandha is “upwards pulling net,” which alludes to the way that it contains the prana within the torso

How to Do Jalandhara Bandha

You can simply perform Jalandhara bandha while sitting in Sukhasana, Padmasana. The main pre-requisite of it is, you just have to hold your breath and bend your head to touch the upper part of the chest with your chin.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  • While sitting in any cross-legged posture, stretch your knees outwards and place your hands over your knees
  • Now take a slow and deep breath, raise your chest up and hold the breath inside. This is Antara Kumbhaka (holding breath inside).
  • Meanwhile, tilt your head forward and touch your chin with the jugular notch [efn_note] Jugular notch https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suprasternal_notch [/efn_note] (notch between our collar bones) gently
  • Bring your awareness to your throat, and hold it there

At the point, you touch your chin to Jugular notch, you create a lock. If you are unable to bring your chin exactly at the jugular notch, try to bring it as close as possible to Jugular notch.

  • Hold this position as long as you can
  • When you can’t hold it further, then lift your chin gently and exhale slowly
  • Now, relax for a while & then repeat this whole process again

Every time you repeat, you will be activating the energy centre at the level of the throat

Ones you have mastered it in Antara Kumbhaka (holding breath inside), you can go for holding the breath out after a complete exhalation (Bahya Kumbhika). The rest of the procedure will be the same. You just have to hold your breath after exhaling instead of inhalation

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