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How to Do Uddiyana Bandha

To perform Uddiyana Bandha, you need to focus and concentrate on your abdomen. You just have to lift your abdomen in towards your spine and up towards your ribcage, holding your breath, just after exhalation

There are two positions that you can try it on, first is the Standing position, second is sitting position

Standing Position

  • Firstly, stand and keep your spine straight
  • Then, bend your knees slightly, keep around a feet distance between them
  • Now, slightly lean forward and put your hands on thighs, just above the knees
  • Take a couple of breaths and relax

Sitting Position

  • Sit in a Yoga Asana such as Padmasana or Siddhasna. Get comfortable with the asana
  • Place your hands on the lower thighs, just above the kneecap
  • Take a couple of deep breaths to let a proper flow of prana throughout the body

Now you have to focus on your abdomen and perform the following steps

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