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Mahamudra: Great Psychic Attitude or Great Gesture

Mahamudra is translated as great seal or great psychic attitude or great gesture. It’s called so because it’s performed as the combination of many yoga practices and so it combines the benefits of many individual’s practices.

In Maha Mudra

  • At the very first step, an asana is performed in which one foot is pressed against the perineum
  • The trunk is bent forward
  • Next, with internal breath retention (Antar Kumbhka) Mula bandha is applied
  • Then, the Uddiyana bandha is applied
  • Then by bringing chin to chest, Jalandhar bandha is applied
  • Finally, at the end of Jalandhar bandha, Shambhavi mudra is performed to deepen the Mahamudra process

As you can see, there are almost all practices including Asana, Pranayama, Bandha, and Mudra combines in the Mahamudra process. It makes this a great psychic attitude or great gesture in yoga. However, sometimes it’s referred to Mahamudra asana, as a pose

How to Do Maha Mudra (Steps)


  1. Begin with sitting in dandasana. Extend your legs straight in front
  2. Place both the hands on the floor by your side and straighten your spine
  3. Inhale deeply and gradually fold your left foot drawing the left heel towards the perineum
  4. Exhale and rotate your left knee to let in touch the floor
  5. Inhale taking the hands off the ground and stretch them overhead
  6. Exhale bending forward to grasp the big toe of stretched right foot keeping the spine straight and head erect
  7. Inhale gently and bring your head to the collar bone and fixing the eyes on the center of the eyebrows
  8. Stay in the pose holding the breath in for 8-10 seconds
  9. By holding the breath bring your awareness to the bandhas. Practice the Mula bandha by contraction of pubic and coccyx bone. Then, the Uddiyana bandha by holding the breath and pulling the navel deeply in
  10. Not letting the air escape out of the lungs contracts the throat muscles and exercises Jalandhara bandha
  11. Exhale, and release the bandhas in reverse order
  12. Inhale, bring your head up and come up stretching your arms overhead
  13. As you exhale bring your hands to the floor
  14. Inhale and stretch your left leg out. Rest in dandasna for a few breaths
  15. Repeat the practice with folding the right foot
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